Nutcracker Auditions

As many of you know, I dance.

Particularly ballet.

And what happens in the winter with ballet?


I have probably seen the Nutcracker 400 times in my 17 years of life, simply because it is such a classic.

However I have only been in the Nutcracker about 4 times.

This year, I have the opportunity to be in the Sacramento Ballet Nutcracker and I’m super excited.

The auditions were over the weekend and were super inviting.

I auditioned for two parts, candy cane and angel and I ended up getting the part of the angel (with the audition number 666 I might add). I was also told that my complexion was “too pale” for the candy cane costumes and was one of the main reasons I didn’t get that particular role. Not that I mind, I mean I did get a role, I just thought it odd.

While waiting in line for the auditions, many of the mothers set up a bake and craft sale outside. And one stall in particular caught my attention.

The decorative pointe shoe stall.

This mother had taken the time to decorate pointe shoes with each individual role in mind and have the Professional Company members sign the shoes. And they were gorgeous.

Homecoming 2015 Day 1 001

The one for my role, the angel, was particularly beautiful and one of my favourites (picture below), and seeing as I have my own dead pointe shoes, and this mother will take any pointe shoes, I might just end up getting one of mine transformed into a commemorative shoe, as strange as that sounds.

Homecoming 2015 Day 1 002

I made a vlog on my second YouTube channel, Real Life Kat, where I showed more of what happened (kind of) at the auditions, so go over there to see more if you want.


Sacramento Ballet’s Modern Masters

Saturday, I went to Modern Masters with my friends Lauren and Christina. The performance was absolutely beautiful, and we were all amazed at just everything.

My mom is really into taking pictures of us together, so here are three of the many she took.

Christina, Lauren and I in a car.

sac ballet modern masters 002

Christina, Lauren and I in the theatre.

sac ballet modern masters 005

Christina, Lauren and I on a fountain. As you can see, I’m shorter (by a lot) than my friends, and I’m wearing 5” heels too.

sac ballet modern masters 006

After seeing the beautiful performance, we went to Il Fernio for dinner. And like always, I took a picture of the flowers at the table. I can’t help it guys, I just love the patterns of the flowers and must capture it on camera.

sac ballet modern masters 007

As to the food, it was absolutely delicious. Lauren had calamari, and although I don’t like seafood (don’t hate me) I thought it looked cool. If you don’t like the look of a whole fried animal, just scroll past.

sac ballet modern masters 011

I, on the other hand, had spicy spinach ravioli with ricotta and beef. So good. Christina had the same.

sac ballet modern masters 013

And because this whole trip was a “birthday” present for me and it actually was Lauren’s birthday that Wednesday, we both had free “birthday desserts” and I chose key lime custard. Which is like a key lime pie had a baby with a cheesecake. It’s heaven on earth.

sac ballet modern masters 016


Thank you for reading. I had a great time and I hope you have a brilliant weekend. Check out my YouTube channel on Monday for footage from today, there’s some extra stuff on there as well.

Ballet Demo and P. F. Chang’s

So a few weeks back I had a show, but it was in between West Side Story and May Day so I never really got the chance to share it with you guys, but because I had the SAT last weekend and I’m going to the ballet tomorrow I thought I would share it with you now as nothing else has happened.

So this is a dressing room (no one is naked, we all dress ahead of time, which brings the question of why its called a dressing room in the first place) ANYWAY, this is where all the girls who almost never wear makeup were trying to put makeup on.

                                            Demo and PF Changs 001Demo and PF Changs 002

I found this contraption, which is apparently an eyelash curler, but I have never seen on in person, and have never used one as my eyelashes are already curly like my hair.

Demo and PF Changs 003

Before our level’s demo, we had to babysit and help the little little ones, who were adorable. And also little terrors. Personally I don’t like children or looking after them, but they were still cute.

                                                Demo and PF Changs 004Demo and PF Changs 005

Anna suddenly realized I was taking pictures and became extremely self-conscious.

Demo and PF Changs 007

Also, pointe shoes. For those who don’t dance, you don’t really understand what a big deal it is to have them, but I’m super proud of them.

Demo and PF Changs 008Demo and PF Changs 010Demo and PF Changs 011

And after the performance my parents gave me these really pretty flowers. Also, I just love taking pictures of flowers.

Demo and PF Changs 012Demo and PF Changs 013Demo and PF Changs 014

Then we went to P. F. Chang’s for dinner.

Demo and PF Changs 016

Mine mysteriously disappeared before I had a chance to take a picture of it. Oops, sorry not sorry. Also (I say that a lot don’t I?) who uses chopsticks and who uses forks? I prefer using chopsticks because I feel so cool whenever I manage to use them properly.

Demo and PF Changs 017


Thanks so much for reading, I’ll be back next Friday with fun times from the ballet I’m going to tomorrow!

I’ll be putting my vlog of this day up on my YouTube channel on Monday if you want to see my cool fun times! And I love you guys too much!

May Photo Challenge Day 7: Taken From Above

Today’s challenge was to take pictures from above the subject. I feel like I’m quite good at that and I took a lot of pictures, but I’m only going to share a few with you here, otherwise this would be the longest post ever.

This is the very weathered rabbit that guards my window from the evil fairies. Or I just thought it looked cool, you will never know.

May Photo Challenge 001

Here’s the gunky fountain again, I really like this fountain. It looks cool.

May Photo Challenge 002

Wow, Kat, selfie from above. It does fall into the category though, so you get to see it.

May Photo Challenge 006

This is a fancy plate that we keep by the door to put stuff on when we enter, like keys or change. Probably not the best use for a fancy plate, we could do so much more with that plate.

May Photo Challenge 011

These are my boots and my rug and the lower parts of my legs. Taken from above. I lost all creativity about half-way through this. Sorry.

May Photo Challenge 012


Thank you so much for sticking around, I am determined to finish this challenge even if I lose all my creativity with it. I will come out stronger. Kelly Clarkson.

I’m in a strange mood. Check out my YouTube for more shenanigans, I put new videos up every Monday.

May Photo Challenge Day 6: From Down Low

This one was a little strange and challenging, because I didn’t have much time outside to take pictures.

The first few were kind of hesitant, mainly because I really don’t know what I’m doing. For example, this is a ceiling…no other words are necessary.

May Photo Challenge 002

Here is your daily dose of Lauren. She was just getting ready for teaching today. We both have dances this set of dances and she was practicing what to show to her people.

May Photo Challenge 001May Photo Challenge 003

By this time I was really running out of ideas, so I just grabbed this Coke out of the fridge, drank it (I also wanted Coke) and decided, hey lets take a picture!

May Photo Challenge 004


Thanks for reading, stick around for tomorrow’s challenge. I will see you guys later!

May Photo Challenge Day 5: 4:00 pm

Today, it was take pictures at 16:00.


So, at that time I went for a walk and this is what I saw. Because it’s almost Summer, at 4:00 it is still quite light outside, and I think some of the lighting in these are just gorgeous.

We start our journey with a very photogenic basketball hoop. I don’t know why, just accept it.

May Photo Challenge 006

I’ve always found manzanita enchanting, and I love taking pictures of it.

May Photo Challenge 009May Photo Challenge 036May Photo Challenge 023

In my front garden, we used to have a fountain, but it sort of fell over and we just never fixed it because now the fawns can drink out of it as well as the does and bucks (I’m talking about deer here).

May Photo Challenge 011

Surprisingly, with the lack of rainfall, this spring was/is extremely green, and it makes me happy.

May Photo Challenge 025May Photo Challenge 026

And like I’ve said before, I have a thing about invading a plant’s personal space. Invading all the space! But I did get some cool shots that way.

May Photo Challenge 015May Photo Challenge 016May Photo Challenge 017May Photo Challenge 019

And I just thought this one would be cool to draw, because of all the patterns and shades.

May Photo Challenge 037

Thank you so much for reading and putting up with me. If you want to join the challenge, post your link in the comments and I’ll be sure to go and look at all of them.

Check out my YouTube channel for my latest videos, and I will see you guys tomorrow! Stay cool.

May Photo Challenge Day 4: Us

I didn’t really know what to do for this one, so I just took a bunch of pictures of me and my friends. Most of them didn’t know I was taking pictures, but I still think they look nice.

Like I’ve said before. Unaware of being photographed, but it adds naturalness (and Christina is such a sweet person). They do know that they are here though, so don’t worry about that.

May Photo Challenge 001

Lauren and I. I think you’re getting used to seeing Lauren everywhere. Oops.

May Photo Challenge 002

The one with the afro is Marcus, the one on her back is Paige, and the one crouching is Joey. Paige and Marcus are in my dance class and Joey just eats lunch with us.

May Photo Challenge 003

As you can see, Paige and Marcus are a lot taller than I am, but that isn’t hard to do as I am 5’2”.

May Photo Challenge 004


I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge and meeting some of my friends. Stick around to see more pictures of me not knowing what I’m doing. I’m posting a regular blog as well as a photo challenge on Friday. And go check out my YouTube channel for extra May Day adventures!

Thanks for reading.

May Photo Challenge Day 3: Collections

I have so many collections of just random things, so I’ve chosen some of the nicer ones.

So I have a collection of dolls, I have both porcelain dolls (which my grandmother gave me) and international dolls.

The four porcelain dolls on the left are the Beth, Mary, Amy and Jo from little women and the one on the right is from when I was a party girl in the Nutcracker.

The international dolls are from China and India.

May Photo Challenge 005

This is my collection of dried flowers and photos of old friends and relatives. If you look you can see two sneaky Laurens.

May Photo Challenge 006

This is only part of my library, which is a collection of books. See, relevant. It also contains the complete collections of Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Lord of the Rings, Gemma Doyle, The Phoenix Trilogy, and so many more. Seriously, I think I have a problem.

May Photo Challenge 007

This is part of my extensive nail polish collection, which was featured in a few blog posts a long while ago. Its grown since then…oops.

May Photo Challenge 008


Thanks for sticking around. There will be a new post tomorrow! Join in the challenge and put the link below. I’ll check them out. Also I have a YouTube channel that you should check out. I post there every (almost) Monday.

May Photo Challenge Day 2: Snack

I don’t really eat snacks so I decided to show you my lunch instead (sorry).

Being the healthy (in reality I’m not that healthy) I had this cool salad my dad made last night with sugar snap peas and snap pea shoots and it was really good.

May Photo Challenge 011

And this is the progression of an experiment I wanted to try. It’s a pizza wrap! and it turned out really well too.

May Photo Challenge 012May Photo Challenge 013May Photo Challenge 014

In case you didn’t know, I’m lactose intolerant so this is lactose free cheese, which is a really bad excuse for cheese and I don’t eat meat by choice, so whenever I make myself something it doesn’t contain meat. But if someone makes me something that has meat in it, I will eat it, because I think it’s kind of rude not to. Especially when you’re at someone’s house and they’re making a meal for everyone and they make stuff for you too. They didn’t have to do that, so the least you can do is eat it.

Sorry, that’s a rant I have to give all my friends who are like “but you ate meat at my house”.

So that’s today’s photo challenge, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

May Day

So today was May Day and I had so much fun. On the first Friday of May, my high school puts on this festival/fair they like to call May Day. Its basically a time to hang out with friends and check out all the clubs at school and it’s a huge undertaking for the leadership class.

And I thought it would be a cool thing to share with you guys.

So this is my friend, Lauren. You’ve probably seen her if you follow me on YouTube, but even if you don’t you will be seeing more of her in the future because of how much we hang out.

May Day 002

Anyways, she organized for all of our “group” to wear flower crowns today. I had a really cool one with black roses and skulls, but my hair was straight and it was so super hard to deal with so I just ditched the flower crown.

This is my group, or part of it anyway.

May Day 003

From left to right there is Christina, Lauren, Sarah, Chelsea and standing up is Kylie (sorry Kylie, I didn’t mean for that to happen). They have all been on my YouTube as well.

When I say “my group”, I mean the clique I tend to hang out with. This being the other one.

May Day 004

I’m not sure what they were doing here, but I think they were watching a video of something. I’m only really friends with a few of them, but drama happened and they don’t get along with my other friends so I just kind of float around.

After we were let out of class (a little early, thanks Mrs. K), Sarah made us run to the Panda Express van before they ran out of food. And we were the last people who got food from there so it was a good thing she did.

May Day 005

I also took this photo because all of my friends are ridiculously photogenic and lovely and I thought it was cute.

Then May Day really started and some really awesome things happened and I vlogged it all so go check it out on my YouTube channel.

May Day 006

Speaking of random funny things happening, a horse head was playing a saxophone (? band nerds, please don’t kill me) and I thought it was funny. So I thought I would share.


Thanks for reading, guys.

Do any of your schools do something like our May Day? If so let me know.

I will try to update every Friday and post new videos on my YouTube channel every Monday, but I’m human so they might come on Saturdays or Tuesdays… SORRY!


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