I think every one should have a journal or diary. The common misconception of journals/diaries is that you have to write in one everyday. But you don’t have to. Just keep it by your bed, or wherever you can easily get to it, and write all your big news or ideas, your dreams, your desires, anything you want, whenever you want. Because later on in life, you can go through it and remember all those major events. Take it with you on vacations. Like I said, you don’t have to write in it everyday, and you might forget about it for a while, but just keep it and write, if you aren’t a writer, then get one of the bound, line free, art book. In those you can write short poems, songs, you could draw. I just think everyone needs a place to let go of all their emotions without physically harming themselves. I know all book shops carry journals, card shops carry journals, office-supply shops carry journals. You can find one that you really like, and when you do, you want to write in it. Mine is a Harry Potter themed, with the deathly hallow symbol on the front.


and on the inside it has lines and little decals in the bottom outside corners. It even has a little ribbon to keep my place.


It has a cool decal on the very first page as well.


When I saw this journal, I flipped out because I absolutely love Harry Potter. I got this one in Barnes and Noble last year around this time. So I’ve had it for about one year, I only use about one page for writing, because that’s all I need. You don’t have to write a lot, just enough to get your point across to your future self, which is the only reason I started writing. I haven’t even used half of it, because I only write down what I want to remember. I have a horrible memory in general, just imagine what I’ll forget when I get older, some of these things I want to remember forever, sometimes I want to rant to someone who will listen and let me figure it out myself, I want something I can spill my darkest secrets to, someone or something I know I can trust. Which is why I have a journal, and why I think others should have journals too.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m still working on what I mentioned on Wednesday, you’ll know when I’ve finished because it’ll be up.

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