Nail Polish Collection-Whites and Pinks

These are all my nail polishes. I only applied two coats of each polish, and I did not have any other colour on my nail when they went on (so I didn’t put any white under the lighter colours, like I normally do). I would also like to apologize for my cuticles, as they are gross looking.

1. Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength, No Chip Nail Color, 17 Platinum

Nail Polish Collection 002    Nail Polish Collection 001

This colour is a really pearly white colour. I really like this colour over a dark colour because it makes it lighter and slightly pastel-ish looking. It is not completely opaque after two coats, but it is not meant to be so I have no complaints there.

2. Shades of the Season, Christmas 2012, Pearl

Nail Polish Collection 004     Nail Polish Collection 003

This is a sparkly white shade. It isn’t opaque after two coats, but this is meant to be put over another colour as a fine glitter. I love putting this one over dark colours to make them look frosty. I actually use this one a lot, so you’ve probably seen it before.

3. Sinful Colors Professional, 1 Snow Me White

Nail Polish Collection 007     Nail Polish Collection 005

I love this colour too. It’s a nice white colour that is opaque with one coat. This is the white colour that I put under my light colours to make them pop. This actually came in a set of 3 from Target during the Christmas season. (I don’t mean to discriminate against religion by saying Christmas, I myself celebrate Yule, but I feel more people know when the Christmas season is then any other December-ish holiday).

4. Mood Changing Nail Polish, Light Lavender to Light Pink

Nail Polish Collection 009     Nail Polish Collection 008

I never actually wear this colour, I’m not even sure when/how it changes colours. This is really old nail polish, so I can’t really tell you anything useful about it. I don’t even know if you can still buy this polish. I do know that after a few years the texture is horrible and it’s really streaky. It doesn’t really have a real colour, but it is opaque after two coats.

5. L’Oreal, Jet-Set Quick Dry, 112 Frolic

Nail Polish Collection 011     Nail Polish Collection 010

I use this colour when I’m performing, or for the base colour of a French manicure. It is not opaque after two coats, and I don’t know what it looks like over another colour. I still like this colour for the reasons I mentioned previously.

6. I don’t know what this one is called…

Nail Polish Collection 013     Nail Polish Collection 012

I honestly don’t know what this colour is called. It came in a set of four, and each is very small, like a sample size. It was the very first nail polish I got (at age 7) but I didn’t actually wear it until I was 10 and I could apply it myself. It is a peachy pink colour with bits of gold sparkles. It is opaque after two coats.

7. Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength, No Chip Nail Color, 21 Brilliant Blush

Nail Polish Collection 016     Nail Polish Collection 015

This is another colour that I use for performances or French manicures. It is not at all opaque after two coats. I put this on over bold pinks, reds, oranges and yellows. It’s like concealer for the nail, it takes away any discolouration.

8. BP Nail Colour (it doesn’t have the colour on the bottle, if you know the name of the colour please let me know in the comments section)

Nail Polish Collection 018     Nail Polish Collection 017

This colour came in a set of three that I got for free after buying $25 of their merchandise. They don’t have any names on them. I don’t really like this nail polish. I like the colour, but the formula is runny and super streaky and it takes a really long time to dry even with a fast drying top coat, and it smudges like you wouldn’t believe. So I’m glad I got these for free, because I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for over priced nail polish that doesn’t look as good as the high-street brands.

9. Nicole by OPI, 361 Pink-Nik In The Park

Nail Polish Collection 020     Nail Polish Collection 019

I am starting to realize just how many of these colours I have. I also use this for French manicures, and over bold pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. I like this colour by itself even though it’s not opaque.

10. Pink…there’s no name on it

Nail Polish Collection 022     Nail Polish Collection 021

This is a really shiny pink colour that is opaque after two coats. I got this in a nail care kit and it doesn’t have a name, and I can’t tell you much about it.

11. Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails, Xtreme Wear Nail Color, 420 Razz-berry

Nail Polish Collection 024     Nail Polish Collection 023

I really like this pink colour, because it’s so bold. It is completely opaque after two coats. I love this one very much, it’s actually one of my newer purchases, and I think I have a video up with this in it. I used it in my Summers Last Claim look.

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