Nail Polish Collection–Reds, Oranges, and Yellows

I’m continuing where I left off last week, this time with the warm colours on the colour spectrum. I wear most of these during the summer and spring. I’ve been trying to wear bright colours, because I usually wear darker colours. I don’t have a lot of these colours, but the colours that I do have are good staple colours, if you’re in the market for them. I get every thing from Target, just in case you were wondering.

1. CoverGirl, Boundless Color, 553 Red Revolution

Nail Polish Collection 026     Nail Polish Collection 025

I really like this red. It isn’t to dark to be a brick, or too light to be almost pink, it is the perfect red. The Goldilocks of red colours. It is completely opaque after two coats. I was surprised by this nail polish, because the reviews weren’t the best. Sure it chips a lot, if you don’t put a proper base and top coat on, and it takes a few minutes to dry enough for you to put the top coat on. But other than that it isn’t that bad.

2. I’m going to call this one Starfish…

Nail Polish Collection 028     Nail Polish Collection 027

I got this polish in a set of four, and none of them have names, so I’ve been  naming them. This is a shimmery orangey- coral sort of colour, that looks like an expensive china glaze (not the nail polish, but the glaze that you put on ceramics and fire).

3. Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails, Xtreme Wear, 06 Sun Kissed

Nail Polish Collection 030     Nail Polish Collection 029

I really like this colour, because it’s a glossy, bright,pure orange colour. The lighting doesn’t give it justice. I am using this colour more often this month because it’s perfect for a Halloween (again with the recognizable holiday reference) designs.

4. Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, 250 Lightening

Nail Polish Collection 032     Nail Polish Collection 031

I had been on the market for a nice yellow colour. One that didn’t have a green or sickly tint to it, and the first place I went to look was the Sally Hansen section (in case you hadn’t noticed, I really like Sally Hansen) and I was not at all disappointed. This colour is a bright fun yellow that is opaque after the first coat. I really like this colour. I know yellow isn’t for everybody, but the only person it has to please is me.

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