Full-Body Workout

Seeing as Thanksgiving was last Thursday, I am assuming you guys all ate more food than you usually would have. I know I did. I also know if you’re anything like me, you like to stay fit and the food you ate is not what you’d consider healthy. My motto is “A healthy life is a healthy life”. Now I’m not trying to say that you are all fat, nor am I saying to stop eating. I’m simply giving you a nice workout idea that you can choose to use or not.

This is fairly simple. It’s approximately 10 minutes and works all of your body. Take a short break in between each exercise to breathe (I count to ten). I personally do this every night before bed.

  • 20 Diagonal Crunches (10 on each side)
    • Lie down, arms open and reaching out to the sides, legs apart and reaching straight up. Reach your right arm towards the left foot, lay back down and then reach your left arm towards the right foot, and repeat.
      • This targets your obliques and upper abs.
  • 10 Half Curl Backs
    • Begin seated, knees bent, feet flat and arms reaching forward. Roll back about half-way to the ground (hence the name) and then return to your starting position using your abs, repeat.
      • This targets your lower abs
  • 20 Squats
    • Stand with feet hip distance apart and parallel to each other (no turning out dancers), bend at your knees and stick your butt out behind you making sure to keep your back straight and your weight over your heels. This will feel awkward to people who aren’t used to it. As you return keep your back straight by squeezing your glutes.
      • This targets your butt, legs and low back
  • 20 second Chair
    • Stand with your feet together and arms reaching overhead. Squat down and hold position as if sitting in a chair. Squeeze your glutes and thighs together and keep abs tight and shoulders relaxed if you want to remain upright.
      • This targets your butt, legs and low back
  • 20 Front Kicks (10 on each side)
    • Kick  forward to a 90 degree angle with a flexed foot, alternating sides. Keep your back straight and abs engaged. You shouldn’t lean forward toward you leg.
      • This targets your legs and abs
  • 20 Knee Ups (10 on each side)
    • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms held level with the floor at shoulder-ish level. bright your knee up to your arms without leaning forward, alternating your legs.
      • This  targets your legs and abs.
  • 20 Reverse Crunches
    • Lay on your back and put both your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders off the floor and into a crunch position and hold. With legs bent, pull your knees in toward your head. Movement should be minimal. If you have trouble just holding the position, work on that first.
      • This targets your lower abs
  • 20 Front Lunges (10 on each side)
    • I shouldn’t have to tell you how to do these, but I’ll do so anyway. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Take a step forward with right leg, bending at knee. Your front leg (in this case right leg) should be at a 90 degree angle and your back knee (in this case left knee) should not touch the ground. Push back up through heel of front foot, alternating feet.
      • This targets your butt and legs
  • 20 second Plank
    • Go into a pushup like position, arms under shoulders, legs straight and feet together, but put your elbows on the ground. You should be parallel to the ground. Hold this position. Remember to breathe.
      • This targets your shoulders, abs, arms, and core

And that’s all. Tell me about your personal workout or how you like this one (if you tried it).

I post every Sunday. I also post every Tuesday and Friday on my Main Blog. I also have a YouTube channel, on which I upload new videos every Monday. Comment what you want me to do next. You can also contact me on a more personal level by emailing me, I respond to every email I receive. Like and share if you enjoyed this, as it helps me grow. I hope you have a wondrous day, my Munchkins!

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