Merlot, Anyone?–Earring Design

Earrings can be made in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can make a simple pair of posts to wear to work or make a colourful pair of dangle earrings to wear with your favourite dress. Get inspired by everything to make a pair for every outfit and every occasion.

Make heads turn at your next dinner party with these earrings. Everyone will ask where you got them, and you will have the pleasure of saying that you made them yourself.




What you need:


  • Round-nose pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Bead mat (this is optional, but recommended to keep your beads from rolling away from your)


  • Pair of earring findings (lever backs or fish hooks)
  • 6 head pins (3 for each earring)
  • 2 eye pins (2 for each earring)
  • 2 sterling silver oval links (Larger one’s as they are the focal point of the earring. You don’t have to use silver, you can use whatever you want)
  • 4 sterling silver rounded heishi separator beads
  • 2 purple Lucite rondelle faceted beads (Medium sized, you will want them to be smaller than the ovals and larger than the dangles. You can choose whatever colour you want)
  • Two 6mm fuchsia Swarovski crystal bicones (Yet again you can choose whatever colour you want)
  • Two 6mm purple velvet Swarovski crystal bicones
  • Two 6mm tanzanite Swarovski crystal bicones

You can use any kind of metal and choose any colours you want. I just chose these colours.


  1. Working from the bottom and moving up, start by beading each of the bicones onto the head pins, one bead per pin.
  2. Using your chain-nosed pliers, bend the exposed top of the head pin at a 90-degree angle flush against the beads. Cut the exposed wire down to 1/4 of an inch. Use the area close to the tip of your round-nosed pliers to grasp the tip of the pin. Twist your wrist to roll up and over with your pliers to form a loop out of the tip of your pin. The twist of your wrist used to make a loop is very similar to that of turning a can opener.
  3. After finishing all the head pins, set aside.
  4. Next take your eye pins. On each pin bead the rondelle in between two separators.
  5. Repeat step two for each of the eye pins, but don’t close the loop all the way.
  6. Bead three of your bicones onto the loop, make sure that you use one of each colour.
  7. Close the loop.
  8. Attach the ovals to your findings. To open the loop on the findings, twist like you did to close the loops on the pins. Always twist, never pull, because you don’t want to break the loop.
  9. Attach the bottom part of the earring (the pin collection bit) to the oval. Twist the unused loop of the eye pin to open the loop and attach to the oval.

You’ve now made your very own earrings.


I post every Sunday. I also post every Tuesday and Friday on my Main Blog. I also have a YouTube channel, on which I upload new videos every Monday. Comment what you want me to do next. You can also contact me on a more personal level by emailing me, I respond to every email I receive. Like and share if you enjoyed this, as it helps me grow. I hope you have a wondrous day, my Munchkins!

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