Real Beauty

Real beauty isn’t having the latest style in clothes, it isn’t having perfect makeup. The most expensive shoes or a perfect complexion have nothing to do with real beauty. Real beauty is what you find inside yourself. You could be “the fairest in the land” and still be evil like the stepmother of Snow White. From where I stand, its more important to have a beautiful personality than a beautiful face, because physical beauty wears with time. Here’s a few ways for you to embrace your true beauty in the coming year:

  • List five words to describe yourself.
    • The trick – do not describe any physical features and use words other than “nice”. When you look to find your inner beauty you can more clearly see who you are and what you need to improve to become the best version of yourself.
  • Praise people for what they do, not just how they look. Anyone can say “oh you look pretty today” and it will still give their self-esteem a boost, but if you take the time to find what they’re good at and tell them “I love the way you embrace what you do” will make them feel much better, making you feel better too.
  • Celebrate other’s accomplishments. If your best friend just passed her finals with all A’s celebrate with her/him. It doesn’t have to be big, a high-five or complement works just as well and sometimes better than a huge party.
  • Learn to accept compliments. I know I need to work on this, just say “Thanks” and let the words sink in. It makes you seem less vain.
  • You are the final judge of how you look. Some girls say they think they’re not pretty because they want people to insist they are. Don’t be that person. The best way to feel pretty is to be confident. That said, if your friend says they think they’re not pretty, tell them that they are, but add that they are beautiful on the inside as well.
  • Have a dancers poise. In standing up straight you portray confidence, even if you don’t feel confident. Although, when I stand up straight, it’s as if I have confidence injected into me.
  • Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Compare yourself to who you were the day before. There’s no one out there just like you. No one who has grown with your experiences or talents.
  • Wear clothes that fit. You will find what suits you, but first go to the size that fits comfortably. Don’t pay too much attention to the label either. Depending on the brand I wear a size 6 to a double zero. There’s no universal size system (though there should be, it would make shopping so much easier).
  • Drink water. Not sure how much you’re supposed to drink? Here’s a helpful hint: take your weight and then divide that by two. That number is the amount of ounces you should drink a day. Your average water bottle holds 17 ounces.
  • Create a peaceful sanctuary for you to unwind and reflect upon the day. This could be a room, a corner, a blanket, a journal, or even a blog.

I post every Sunday. I also post every Tuesday and Friday on my Main Blog. I also have a YouTube channel, on which I upload new videos every Monday. Comment what you want me to do next. You can also contact me on a more personal level by emailing me, I respond to every email I receive. Like and share if you enjoyed this, as it helps me grow. I hope you have a wondrous day, my Munchkins!

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