My Addictions

I am currently addicted to many things, none of which are substance abuse, so don’t worry about that. I’d call these my favourites, but I’ve taken these to the next level, so I don’t think being a mere favourite is going to cut it.


My first thing is my new Amazon Kindle Fire.

I received this for Christmas, and it pretty much started almost all of my other addictions.


My next thing is Pinterest.

What can I say? It sucks you in with its doable DIY’s and fascinating fandoms. When I first started all the boards made my head spin, but now I have the app on my Kindle, phone and favourited and bookmarked on my laptop. Oops.


Ever heard of Dumb Ways to Die?

If not I suggest you look it up, as it will change your life. It is one of my new favourite songs and I have downloaded it and choreographed to it…and I am not ashamed.


Ahh, Temple Run.

I know I’m a bit late to join the craze I still find the game extremely addicting and annoying, because I just can’t beat that one objective that I’m pretty sure was just put there to drive people insane. And its working, on me anyway.


Another Kindle addiction is the app, Can You Escape.

This is a game in which you use logic (or just random clicking) to attempt to get yourself out of a room. It has lots of puzzles and keys and is in no way impossible. I just wish it had more levels.


In fashion-y things, my current favourite is patterned jeans.

I currently own 6 pairs of patterned jeans and I love them all.  These are not my jeans (camera issue) but I still think these are cute.  If you’d like to see how I wear my patterned jeans, because I know not a lot of people like them because they don’t know how to wear them, just let me know in the comments section (just a reminder, to get to the comments section, click on the title of this post).


And those are all of my current obsessions. Yes, I know most of them are “electronic applications” as my mother calls them, but you can still enjoy them. And they are still time-consuming activities, so your point is moot.


I post every Sunday. I also post every Tuesday and Friday on my Main Blog. I also have a YouTube channel, on which I upload new videos every Monday. Comment what you want me to do next. You can also contact me on a more personal level by emailing me, I respond to every email I receive. Like and share if you enjoyed this, as it helps me grow. I hope you have a wondrous day, my Munchkins!

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