So Cute

So to cheer all of you up on this boring Wednesday (my Wednesday is boring anyway) I have brought to you, 5 absolutely adorable animals:

Baby bulldog


Look how adorable this puppy is. He’s just so little and so fuzzy and just so cute.

Baby Sloth


Ok, normally I don’t like sloths because their hands look like velociraptor claws and they stink, but this one is actually quite cute. And it almost has a nose as big as mine.

Box of Kittens


This is a box of kittens. what more can I say? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Cat hugging turtles


Look how much the kitten loves the turtle, and how much the turtle wants to get away. They were probably playing a game of catch and chase. which isn’t very fair, because the cat will most definitely move faster than the turtle. It’s still cute though.

Chinchilla looking at the world


Safe behind these windows and these parapets of wood
Gazing at the people up above me
All my life I watch them as I hide down here alone
Hungry for the raisins that they feed me

If you understood that reference, you are my new favourite person and you should tell me where it’s from so I actually know if you are a real favourite.


Feel free to leave me comments, I read every one of them. You can also contact me on a personal level by emailing me, I do try to respond to every email I receive. Like and share if you enjoyed this, and follow me because that will help me grow. I hope you have a wondrous day, guys!

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