May Day

So today was May Day and I had so much fun. On the first Friday of May, my high school puts on this festival/fair they like to call May Day. Its basically a time to hang out with friends and check out all the clubs at school and it’s a huge undertaking for the leadership class.

And I thought it would be a cool thing to share with you guys.

So this is my friend, Lauren. You’ve probably seen her if you follow me on YouTube, but even if you don’t you will be seeing more of her in the future because of how much we hang out.

May Day 002

Anyways, she organized for all of our “group” to wear flower crowns today. I had a really cool one with black roses and skulls, but my hair was straight and it was so super hard to deal with so I just ditched the flower crown.

This is my group, or part of it anyway.

May Day 003

From left to right there is Christina, Lauren, Sarah, Chelsea and standing up is Kylie (sorry Kylie, I didn’t mean for that to happen). They have all been on my YouTube as well.

When I say “my group”, I mean the clique I tend to hang out with. This being the other one.

May Day 004

I’m not sure what they were doing here, but I think they were watching a video of something. I’m only really friends with a few of them, but drama happened and they don’t get along with my other friends so I just kind of float around.

After we were let out of class (a little early, thanks Mrs. K), Sarah made us run to the Panda Express van before they ran out of food. And we were the last people who got food from there so it was a good thing she did.

May Day 005

I also took this photo because all of my friends are ridiculously photogenic and lovely and I thought it was cute.

Then May Day really started and some really awesome things happened and I vlogged it all so go check it out on my YouTube channel.

May Day 006

Speaking of random funny things happening, a horse head was playing a saxophone (? band nerds, please don’t kill me) and I thought it was funny. So I thought I would share.


Thanks for reading, guys.

Do any of your schools do something like our May Day? If so let me know.

I will try to update every Friday and post new videos on my YouTube channel every Monday, but I’m human so they might come on Saturdays or Tuesdays… SORRY!


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