Ballet Demo and P. F. Chang’s

So a few weeks back I had a show, but it was in between West Side Story and May Day so I never really got the chance to share it with you guys, but because I had the SAT last weekend and I’m going to the ballet tomorrow I thought I would share it with you now as nothing else has happened.

So this is a dressing room (no one is naked, we all dress ahead of time, which brings the question of why its called a dressing room in the first place) ANYWAY, this is where all the girls who almost never wear makeup were trying to put makeup on.

                                            Demo and PF Changs 001Demo and PF Changs 002

I found this contraption, which is apparently an eyelash curler, but I have never seen on in person, and have never used one as my eyelashes are already curly like my hair.

Demo and PF Changs 003

Before our level’s demo, we had to babysit and help the little little ones, who were adorable. And also little terrors. Personally I don’t like children or looking after them, but they were still cute.

                                                Demo and PF Changs 004Demo and PF Changs 005

Anna suddenly realized I was taking pictures and became extremely self-conscious.

Demo and PF Changs 007

Also, pointe shoes. For those who don’t dance, you don’t really understand what a big deal it is to have them, but I’m super proud of them.

Demo and PF Changs 008Demo and PF Changs 010Demo and PF Changs 011

And after the performance my parents gave me these really pretty flowers. Also, I just love taking pictures of flowers.

Demo and PF Changs 012Demo and PF Changs 013Demo and PF Changs 014

Then we went to P. F. Chang’s for dinner.

Demo and PF Changs 016

Mine mysteriously disappeared before I had a chance to take a picture of it. Oops, sorry not sorry. Also (I say that a lot don’t I?) who uses chopsticks and who uses forks? I prefer using chopsticks because I feel so cool whenever I manage to use them properly.

Demo and PF Changs 017


Thanks so much for reading, I’ll be back next Friday with fun times from the ballet I’m going to tomorrow!

I’ll be putting my vlog of this day up on my YouTube channel on Monday if you want to see my cool fun times! And I love you guys too much!


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