Nutcracker Auditions

As many of you know, I dance.

Particularly ballet.

And what happens in the winter with ballet?


I have probably seen the Nutcracker 400 times in my 17 years of life, simply because it is such a classic.

However I have only been in the Nutcracker about 4 times.

This year, I have the opportunity to be in the Sacramento Ballet Nutcracker and I’m super excited.

The auditions were over the weekend and were super inviting.

I auditioned for two parts, candy cane and angel and I ended up getting the part of the angel (with the audition number 666 I might add). I was also told that my complexion was “too pale” for the candy cane costumes and was one of the main reasons I didn’t get that particular role. Not that I mind, I mean I did get a role, I just thought it odd.

While waiting in line for the auditions, many of the mothers set up a bake and craft sale outside. And one stall in particular caught my attention.

The decorative pointe shoe stall.

This mother had taken the time to decorate pointe shoes with each individual role in mind and have the Professional Company members sign the shoes. And they were gorgeous.

Homecoming 2015 Day 1 001

The one for my role, the angel, was particularly beautiful and one of my favourites (picture below), and seeing as I have my own dead pointe shoes, and this mother will take any pointe shoes, I might just end up getting one of mine transformed into a commemorative shoe, as strange as that sounds.

Homecoming 2015 Day 1 002

I made a vlog on my second YouTube channel, Real Life Kat, where I showed more of what happened (kind of) at the auditions, so go over there to see more if you want.


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